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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Welcome to Fall 2006 Issues Management

I will always take quality over quantity any day. We have a quality group and are going to make this semester a powerful learning experience for us all.

So, off we go. I'm going to start with an easy one. What would you do if you were the CEO of ABC TV network about the 9/11 movie. If you haven't heard about this controversy, you must get out more. But to get the overview, click here. You'lll go to the ABC This Week site, where the issue was discussed. And, if you really want to drill down, go to some blogs. Unfortunately, I only have visited the liberal sites of Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo and Think Progress. For the right wing perspective, you might start with Instapundit and go from there.

It was clearly an issues management challenge for the TV network. What would you have done, pulled the movie or tough it out.

I don't need elaborate explanations, just cast your vote so I know you you checked in.

Oh and by the way, please send me your email address by way of the email address in the syllabus.